Welcome everyone!


My name is Ryan Campinho Valadas, but you can just call me Ryan. On this website, you will get to know about some of the work that I do, request information about accessing my services as a therapist, speaker, or writer, and read some personal insights and reflections, through my blog.

My intention is to inspire personal change, encourage reflection and awareness, promote creativity, and foster human connections.

In working with people, I like to use the approach of being a human first, and a therapist second. Hence the title of Life & Therapy. I see them as quite interchangeable. I believe in being approachable, personable, humble, and open to people in the therapy space. This means that I’m not an authority on your life, but simply another human being, who is curious and interested in finding ways to help you be more autonomous and joyful in your life.


As a therapist, I have extensive experience in adult mental health in the fields of addiction, HIV, and trauma; in youth work across a range of different backgrounds and contexts; and now as a clinical manager in children’s mental health.

I am also an avid reader of psychology, personal development, and spirituality books; a blogger; a writer; an academic editor; a reviewer of queer fringe theatre and performance; a lecturer and speaker; a believer in humanity; a student of life.

I believe and engage with healing as a continuous, never-ending process, as a healing continuum. Here, we heal by welcoming and integrating emotions (#Feel). With compassion (#Love). By using traumatic experiences as a catalyst for growth (#Grow). In relationship (#Connect).

I believe that becoming wounded is inevitable, but remaining wounded is an option.

I help people heal and grow, through an approach that focuses on personal narratives, unconscious processes, and active imagination.

Through play, based on imagination, and departing from our personal experiences, we are able to reflect on our patterns of behaviour and take a non-judgmental look at ourselves.
— Group Therapy Client
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There is no right or wrong way to heal. All we can ever do is try our best in each moment, and follow the clues that life presents us with, in a continuum of gradual experiences and stages. Each stage is meaningful and valid.  

Each stage helps us to #Feel, #Love, #Grow, and #Connect more.

We can do this creatively, by using our active imagination for self-development and reflection.

To find out more, head over to the Therapy & Growth section.

Through the use of a range of creative techniques during sessions, Ryan skillfully and intuitively guided me to explore these aspects of myself, helping me to uncover and add more pieces to the jigsaw puzzle that is me, and develop a little more understanding, acceptance and compassion for myself.
— 1:1 Therapy Client