A little bit about me... 

I grew up in Portugal, near Lisbon, and have lived in Washington DC, New York, Glasgow, and in London for the past almost 8 years.

I have been driven by creativity and altruism ever since I can remember thinking about what I wanted to do with my life. Curiosity and imagination were staples of my childhood experience: I was always reading, doing new things, wanting to know more, asking questions, yearning to understand everything, but mostly, yearning to understand everyone.

I was interested in how people functioned: their thoughts, their feelings, their motivations, the why’s and the how’s of their actions.

I was, and still am, deeply sensitive and intuitive about people around me, and people of all ages always came to me for advice, or always found themselves telling me their innermost thoughts and feelings without any prompts. 


becoming a Therapist

Growing up, I was susceptible and prone to many experiences due to my natural openness, empathy, sensitivity, intuition, and curiosity.


I have lived through many highs and many lows, and have survived many experiences. Whilst many factors have influenced my sense of self, none has been more significant than the fact that I was born gay in a Catholic environment.

This led me to experience early life with an acute sense of difference and not belonging, therefore sending me on a quest to figure out why that was, and where I could find acceptance, validation, and love. On that quest, I also encountered confusion, stigma, trauma, and escapism. 

Looking back, all the experiences I have lived through and survived have not only given me the insight and empathy, but the ability to stand strong alongside others who are going through their darkest moments. I am rarely shocked by people's experiences, because I deeply understand self-destruction, trauma, and hopelessness. 

My therapeutic delivery and focus are not just based on traits that I was trained for, but also on life experiences: they are not just professional, they include personal and meaningful experiences, and instances of emotional and spiritual healing and transformation.

Ryan is instinctive, intelligent, and empathetic.
— Group Therapy Client



  • Children with behavioural and emotional needs, autism
  • Adults living with HIV
  • Adults in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction
  • Gay men
  • Adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Adult survivors of trauma
  • Adults diagnosed with depression and personality disorders

MENTORING (adults)

  • Student Representative: London, University of Roehampton
  • Equality & Diversity Lead: London, Equality & Diversity Subcommittee at The British Association of Dramatherapists
  • Guest Editor: Dramatherapy Journal
  • Student Mentor: London, The Kabbalah Centre


  • To manage therapy services within the school and enable therapeutic and emotional support to be provided to children, as well as to parents and staff
  • The management and delivery of quality services, and clinical supervision of Counsellors 
  • To ensure the safeguarding and promote the welfare of children in the school


  • Youth Mentor & Group Facilitator: Lisbon, AFS Intercultural Programs
  • Forum Theatre Facilitator & Director: Glasgow, LGBT Youth Scotland
  • Education Workshop Facilitator: Glasgow, Glasgow Caledonian University
  • Child Care Camp Counsellor: New York, The Fresh Air Fund
  • Drama Workshop Facilitator: London, Action 4 London
  • Role Model: London, Diversity Role Models
  • Confidence & Resilience Program Facilitator: London, Role Models